Practice Management

More Features

More Features


About 95% of the day to day operations happening in your clinic can be done from this well designed 'ALL-IN-ONE' window. For Eg: Creating new patients/Searching an Existing Patient, Fixing Appoinments, Entering Diagnosis, Entering Treatment, Payment, Prescription Etc..All of these can be done from this 'One' Window.Pappyjoe provides variety of clinic management system features.

Easy to Operate

Anyone can operate (Even by your Clinical Staff who is NOT a computer expert!!)

Simple Flow structure. For E.g.; Appointment fixing of a Patient can be done with just a Double Click!

Storing and Retrieval of Patient Record

Store and retrieve Patient's information and records in a very easy way.

Bar-coded Privilege Card

Can issue Bar-coded privilege cards. With just a single scan; you can get all details regarding a particulars patient. (So, need for searching even! Automatically on scanning; the Patient will pop up!!)

Patient will have the tendency of NOT going to another Dentist as the Patient will be aware that all their Dental details are already stored with You and; Consider 'You' –as a 'Family Dentist'.

Helps you in interacting with your patient on a personal level.

Helps build Strong relationship with the patient and make your reception area more efficient.

Appointment Scheduling

Just do a Double Click and your Appointment is fixed.!

Able to visualize Daily, Weekly, Monthly Appointments in a Single 'Go'/Screen…!!

Helps you to take Planned Vacation or Plan for a family event/Gettho by clicking an Auto postponing SMS feature. (Patient will receive postponed timings as SMS).

Account Statements

Account Statements Including your Income and Expense Statements Daily/ Monthly/are just a Single Click away.!

Get reports on your Practice Revenue-Procedure wise, Doctor Wise, Date wise, Month wise; So that you can analyze your Clinics performance immediately on the same day.

Get reports of the each Consultant working in your clinic to calculate their performance appraisals separately.

Able to Store and Print all the details related to Prescription / Diagnosis/ Treatment.

Generate and print reports on Patients Outstanding, Payments etc. which are due for more than 30 days or 90 days etc…

Helps you in Timely collection of Treatment dues.

Helps you in Timely payments to Labs or Suppliers. Print Case Sheet in 'One Click'

Generate Case to the patient which will have all the details for that particular Patient. Viz Patient History, Chief Complaint, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prescription, Payment etc. Date wise.

SMS Facility

Insurance Module

Insurance Module will help in entering the Claim details real time and helps you in streamlining your Claim process.

The insurance Details like Insurance Company, Each Insurance Company's Respective Plans with Price List and Patient Share can be fed into the system. As patients Treatment Details are entered.

The XML Files for submission of Claims can be generated with a Single Click, and this will save your valuable time.

You can generate reports that shows you on how much was your Insurance Claim and the claims that you already submitted to the Insurer and the balance those are yet to be submitted separately etc.

Easy XML Generation.