Pappyjoe Clinic Management Software System (PCMSS)

'Pappyjoe Clinic Management Software System (PCMSS) is a completely web based system designed for comprehensive clinical and office  management  using internet. It is a user friendly software that provides stable performance and reliability. It’s specifically designed to handle all clinical office management needs. PCMSS is equipped with the strong features of appointment scheduling,Electronic Medical Records (EMR), financial management and billing.', 'We start with scheduler. This is designed for saving you time and makes your appointment scheduling simple. You can see daily, weekly and monthly appointment calendar views.  You can schedule new patients’ appointment directly from the calendar by clicking on the empty slot on the calendar. Here you can enter the whole details of the patient. Once an appointment is set, you can  click and expand to,  get an overview easily locating data such as name, contact information, appointment date and time, etc. Our appointment reminder system directly sends SMS and Emails to the patients.  If you want to plan a holiday for spending time with your family or for any other purposes, you can change the appointments very easily with a simple drag and draft new appointment in the next time slot. Automatic SMS or E- mail will be sent to the patients regarding the new schedule.','It is a cloud based system allowing; you to check your appointments from anywhere  using  smart phones or tablets. The data from each appointment you create will automatically flow to the other areas of the software. Let’s take a look to the other areas of our software  i.e .Electronic Medical Records (EMR), stock inventory, and billing. EMR module allows you to create the complete treatment records of the patients. EMR contains the complete list of patients, from which you can select patient either by search option or by directly clicking on the patient’s profile.  In EMR you can enter  the treatment or procedures for each patient. Treatment procedure included in the EMR  consists of chief complaint, findings, treatments, X-rays and photographs, prescription pad, and timeline.', 'When a patient consults you with a symptom example  fever, you can simply select the fever from the complaint list by clicking on the ADD NEW  button provided in the EMR screen and enter your clinical notes. After entering the notes you can save them  and also print out of the clinical notes to give patient to take home. You can add treatment plans selecting the treatment procedures such as a blood test,Xray or injection from the list provided in the treatment list.Select the procedure and click on the selected procedure and it will automatically move to the invoice. Then save the invoice and print by clicking on the settings button and select print.', 'Prescription pad is available with the drug database.You  can add drugs on to the pad and print. You can create receipts and payments through receipt option provided on the left side of the screen. Account statement helps you to view the ledger account of each patient.', 'Stock can be managed by inventory management module, where you can add the manufacturer stock etc . There is an add on feature provided with inventory module . i.e. the stock level will show up in red when it is  below the minimum required and prompt you to reorder supplies. In summary PCMSS is a fully integrated practice management solution that seamlessly links all of your scheduling, medical  documentation, stock inventory and billing activities. If you wish to make your clinical practice patient centered, efficient, reliable and economical;  invest in PCMSS, the best available and affordable software system in the current market.', 'Papppyjoe is the best Clinic Management Software System, equipped with the strong features for appointment scheduling, EMR, inventory and billing.