Practice management software! Is it a wise choice or not?

'2010: Mr. Varma had to wait for 2 hours to meet a doctor.2015: Mr. Varma was ushered to the Doctor’s cabin within 5 minutes of his walking into the same clinic.This is just one success story of better customer service provided by thousands of clinics all across India. This revolution was made possible by practice management softwares that are now widely accepted by  the medical practitioners.  As per the statistical report in India the doctor patient ratio is 1:1,700. Managing clinic with patient satisfaction is a Herculean task for doctors. That’s where the role of softwares starts. ', 'The scope of the practice management software extends to the all areas of practice such as appointment scheduling, EHR, billing and inventory etc. The doctors can now devote more time for the service of patients as their workload regarding administrative and patient management is being shared with softwares. ', 'Calendars that can be divided into slots of 15 minutes or 20 minutes duration to which patient appointments can easily be entered is the high light of many such softwares. An appointment can be moved into a new timing with a drag of the cursor. Queue systems with details of patients ‘In wait’ and patients who are engaged and who have finished engagements are features provided by some software providers. ', 'Segmentation of practice management software also has been taken based on its delivery, i.e. cloud based software/online software or locally installed /offline software. Cloud computing is the new magic word emerged in the recent past. Data are stored in the cloud server, which can be accessed from anywhere at any time whenever wanted.', 'Online softwares have other advantages also. Doctors can always connect with the patients through SMS and E mails, which helps them to be well connected with their patients. Getting expert opinion is now easy as x-rays and other medical records can be stored in digital format in the cloud.', 'Choosing the right category of software is very important. It can be a very frustrating experience to have Online software in areas where the speed of internet is low.', 'It is evident that the providers have integrated present day technologies well to disseminate new experience that always support good practice.