Manage Dental Clinic with Pappyjoe Clinic Management Software


   Practice Management

Practice Management

With 'PAPPYJOE PRACTICE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE' the day to day functioning of your clinic has been made so easy that you can schedule your Appoinments very easy. Storing and Retrieval of all patient related records, like personal, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prescription, Payment etc have been made very easy. You can also take reports about your practice and analyze how is your practice is growing.

Doctor Registration

Store and Retrieve Doctor's information in a very easy way.

Patient Registration

Store and Retrieve Patient's information in a very easy way.


About 95% of the day to day operations happening in your clinic can be done from this well designed 'ALL-IN-ONE' window. For Eg: Creating new patients/Searching an Existing Patient, Fixing Appoinments, Entering Diagnosis, Entering Treatment, Payment, Prescription Etc..All of these can be done from this 'One' Window.

Appoinment Scheduler

Help you to fix an appointment for a particular patient and also can able to visualize Daily, Weekly, Monthly Appoinments.

Case Sheet

Case Sheet of the patient will have all the details for that particular patient. Viz Patient History, Chief Complaint, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prescription, Payment Etc.


You can take reports with Procedure wise, Doctor Wise, Date wise, so that you can analyse your clinic performance immediately on the same day.