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   Ortho Buddy

Ortho Buddy

PAPPYJOE offers a complete Orthodontic Practice Management Software System that can organize your Orthodontic Practice. PAPPYJOE is an automated and very easy to use office solution for your Orthodontic Practice. With the latest technology, we've included the features such as Cephalometric Tracing, Storing of X-ray images, Generating Comprehensive reports, Storing of Patient details, Treatment History Etc.

Clinic Registration

Store and Retrieve Clinic information in a very easy way.

Doctor Registration

Store and Retrieve Doctor's information in a very easy way.

Patient Registration

Store and Retrieve Patient's information in a very easy way.

Fixing Appoinment

Help you to fix an appointment for a particular patient

Cephalometric Analysis

Cephalometric analysis depends on cephalometric radiography to study relationships between bony and soft tissue landmarks and can be used to diagnose facial growth abnormalities prior to treatment, in the middle of treatment to evaluate progress or at the conclusion of treatment to ascertain that the goals of treatment have been met.We will help to calculate the angles and measurements for cephalometric analyses.


You can take reports with Procedure wise, Doctor Wise, Date wise, so that you can analyse your clinic performance immediately on the same day.