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Patients with minor illnesses prefer going to clinics as it is convenient and easily accessible and save the waiting time at a hospital. As there is a steady flow of patients in a clinic; managing it with age-old system of keeping paper records is a tedious job. This is where a Clinic Management Software with a variety of functionalities comes to Doctor’s rescue. It is an integrated system for managing all aspects of a Clinic’s operations: such as Clinical, Financial and Administrative functions.

It provides a Scheduler or a Calendar wherein Patient appointments and Doctor’s schedules, prescriptions, inventory, expenses etc. all can be managed very efficiently. It can provide SMS or email notifications regarding appointments to Doctors, send reminder to patients reminding about the prescription timings.

Basically it is a mini Hospital Management System, with focus on the Clinic’s specialized needs. It can drastically improve the quality of healthcare services provided by Clinic, reduce a Clinic’s operating costs, improve Clinic’s revenue and facilitates the Doctor to have a better control of his Clinic.

When you subscribe to PappyJoe Clinic Management Software you get a fully integrated Patient Record Management System with all the necessary functionalities and processes on a cloud based single platform. It is a robust and secure system for anytime and anywhere access whether it be your Desktop Computer, Laptop or Smart Phone.

If you want to store the Records and Patient details in your premise itself or when you face Network/Internet connectivity issues then PappyJoe Offline Practice Management Software is ideal for you. PappyJoe Software allows Multiple Doctors/Users/Computers in a single premise by making one of your Computer as Server…

Evolution of Clinic Management Software

In the last century; The Out-Patient Clinics (OP Clinics) focused mainly in treating non-critical illnesses and also in referring and channelizing the Patients to the right Medical Facility / Hospitals or Critical care Centers that the Patient ought to be in. Together with the above; Clinics and Doctor Offices were the Consulting hub for Patients for their wellness needs and outnumbered the Hospitals as Clinics and Doctor Offices were present in the remotest locations and villages and towns specially in developing economies like India and other Countries in Asia. Thus the routing of Patient traffic through Clinics to Hospitals were the normal route the Patients followed.

The inventions of telephones and computers brought technology to the doorsteps of Healthcare. Both for Patients and Doctors alike. Patient’s historical data and Doctor’s notes handwritten and manually filed were now stored in Excel and Word files. With the introduction of databases like SQL, My SQL etc. the concept of Clinic Management Software was conceived and large amount of patient data could now be stored and retrieved by Doctors at the click of a mouse. Players like PappyJoe were the pioneers in India in Clinic Management Software who really understood the needs of Doctors and Patients alike and designed Clinic Software based on their EXACT requirements and were appreciated and accepted by the Market within a very short span of time.

Then came the internet that allowed Clinics to work even more efficiently. Cloud Clinic Management Software were designed and created by companies like PappyJoe and the Clinic Software was deployed in Cloud based Platforms like Amazon (AWS, Amazon Web Services) wherein patients could access their medical records, make appointments, request prescriptions and Doctors could access their patient’s data from anywhere in the World. Convenience, user friendliness and ease of access were the hallmarks of these cutting edge technologies.

With the advent of Telemedicine; Doctors can now treat their patients via video calling, which means that the Patients need not come to the Clinic physically and get consulted with the Doctor: Both Doctor and Patient sitting at the comfort of home. And thus; Thanks to the Technology; The Doctors can now attend to more patients during their consultation time. The Patients can thus get consulted with the Leading Doctors in the Country that also sitting in the comfort of their homes with the best Medical advice.

The latest is cloud-based integrated practice management software wherein data is stored in very secure server and Doctors and Patients can access their records encrypted with privacy through their mobile phones.

The advances in Software and IT industry is sure to reflect in the advances of Healthcare and now Software will start playing a major role in diagnosis of diseases and development of new treatment methods and even Prescription delivery as well.


  • If you are using a Smart phone we’ve a smart application for you. Just download PappyJoe app and you have access to your clinic software.
  • Add patients and book appointments through the mobile.
  • Easy synchronization features.


  • Generate more referrals by keeping a healthy relationship with your patients through e-mails and SMS.
  • Know your clients better and deepen your relationships and see how they will help you grow.


  • Define users and set privileges for each user. Different types of access rights may be given to every User Role.
  • Can deny a user certain privileges as per his designation/responsibilities.

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